Why Choose Shredded Tea?

100% All Natural Ingredients

We source only the best natural teas in season to better craft this unique blend thats packed with healthy ingredients.

Detox & Clean House

Help cleanse toxins and waste throughout your body for a more renewed healthier you.

Nurture The Good Stuff

Probiotics in our blend are the do-gooders in your gut promoting digestive and immune health.

Functional & Delicious

Blended for results, brewed for a great taste to enjoy everyday.


Refresh, renew and recharge your day!


Flush toxins reduce bloating & feel great


Rebuild a healthier immune & digestive system

Get Results

Unlock your bodies true potential


Best detox tea I have ever used lots of good ingredients... I've tried a lot and this is so far the best!!!😍💗💋

Alison K

Ohhhhhhh ! Finally! A comfy detox smooth move! On my third order

Olia R

I love it the tea taste great I love how I feel I have more energy and bloating is not a problem anymore. I feel healthier and don't get colds or feel run down like i used to.The packaging is great it seals and keeps all freshness in unlike other teas All in all its a great product. 

Tom B

DISCLAIMER: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results May Vary