3 Weight Loss Myths People Still Believe

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Losing weight in today’s fast paced environment isn’t easy. On every corner we see another ad or establishment offering us food fast and often cheap. Thanks to advancements in transportation, we are finding many areas less walkable and long hours at the office can mean less time to get out and move. Most of us are trying to do the right things when it comes to our health, but since time is of the essence, it is important that what we are doing, or not doing, for weight loss, detox and physical fitness are not sabotaging all of our efforts.

Every one wants to know the secret to losing weight fast and effectively. This has given rise to many myths about losing weight that the food(business) industry and many of us still cling to. Where do these myths come from? Often they develop from the assumptions of underdeveloped science that is always advancing and learning new things. If you want to lose weight and get fit, it is important that you are willing to let go of myths that have been disproven to achieve a better you. Here are 3 myths that people just can’t seem to let go, and if you still believe it, you may want to consider why.

Myth: Working out with weights will make me bulky

Many people are scared of working out with weights, especially women. Most men and women don’t want to look like bodybuilders; they “just want to shed a few pounds”, look toned and be fit. The truth is – you won’t look like a bodybuilder if you lift and if you are not lifting, it may be time to start. Working out with weights will build your muscles, and by building your muscles, you are burning more fat. Regular weight training, when done properly and per doctor recommendations, also strengthens your bones and joints, reducing the chance of injury so you can stay fit. Nothing sidelines your efforts to lose weight faster than an injury. You need to have a solid foundation(muscle, bone, joints) to get fit and lose weight. You can’t do this just by eliminating bread and pasta; you need to sweat and build muscles.

Myth: Drinking protein shakes will help me lose weight and “re-fuel” after a workout.

False. Eating increased amounts of protein and/or drinking protein drinks will only add to your weight. Why is this? Protein builds muscles, yes, but it is also calorie dense and if you are not burning those calories during your work out, the excess protein is stored as fat. Unless, you really went full force at the gym, you are only increasing your calorie intake and not doing anything to use the extra energy you are providing for your body. If you are not professional athlete who needs to be in the gym/court/field for much of the day, there is no need for this as you are likely not burning enough calories to warrant this extra protein as long as you are eating balanced meals. Have a healthy snack like a banana after workout, and go home to have a well-balanced meal with chicken breast, fish or steak. Stay balanced with whole body nutrition– that’s the key.

Myth: Fats are bad

Half True: Not all fat is bad. Fat helps burn fat more efficiently. Good fats can be found in tree nuts, fish, organic bacon, egg yolk, avocado, flax and extra virgin olive oil and even dairy fats are not as bad as we once thought. All of these are amazing foods that can do a miracle for your health. Find healthy recipes online and don’t avoid fats. Unhealthy fats are fats that come from processed foods – junk food. These fats are often unnaturally lab-altered. Eating more of the right kinds of fats does amazing things for your body, keeping you full longer, balancing your blood sugar and helping your brain and neurological system function optimally.

The Whole Body Approach Starts With Our Detoxifying Tea

Get the facts. Don’t do what you’ve always done if it isn’t working for you. Take a whole body approach to your health. Eating and drinking right and exercising will help you burn fat, detox and get fit, so bust the myths and lose weight.

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