5 Easy to Live With Snack Food Swaps for Better Health

dark chocolate for fitness and healthy lifestyle 


Switch Out These Snacks For A Healthier You

The food we eat is fuel for our body; so the better the quality of the food we eat, the better our performance and overall health. Eating the right food can improve your metabolism, skin, hair, memory, energy, sleep, body composition and much, much more. Nowadays, junk food and unhealthy snacks are the easiest and the cheapest way to trick your stomach and make it stop growling. Processed foods are everywhere, loading our bodies up with toxins, excess calories, sugar and sodium. If you want to get fit and enable healthy weight loss, you need to be eating the right foods, not ones that leave you needing to go on a 7 day detox fast. Here are some great snack alternatives that you should consider for better health.

Milk chocolate

It’s not the milk in milk chocolate that we love; it’s the sugar and most chocolate bars have a lot of it. Instead of eating a milk chocolate, grab a dark chocolate bar. Dark chocolate has more cocoa and less sugar and is healthy for your heart. Some don’t like dark chocolate when they first try it, but that’s only because we have trained our brains and taste buds to crave excessive sugar. Start with a square or 2 at first if you don’t like the taste and after a few tries your taste buds will adapt and your body will thank you and likely your waistline as well.

Salted peanuts

Most of us love salt, but we know that excess sodium makes us retain water, feel sluggish and not at peak physical health. Sodium is a cheap preservative and people crave it, so it is in just about everything we eat. We are so “addicted” to it that we may think nothing of eating 2 days worth of sodium when we snack on a can of peanuts. While trees nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts are definitely best, if you really crave those peanuts, but can’t stand the unsalted ones, buy a can of salted and a can of unsalted and mix them together. You will barely know the difference and you have just cut your peanut sodium in half. Cutting sodium will help you detox your body, enable healthy weight loss and feel great.

Fried Potatoes

Who doesn’t like potatoes? Sweet, mashed, baked, fried, in a bag, in a can…. You name it. And for many of us especially fried. There is one problem – if you are trying to lose weight and be fit, you should be careful with potatoes because they are carbohydrates and with the oil because it may contain toxins and harmful fats. So, here is a two-fold substitute for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Try beets (not the canned kind), turnips and yams thinly sliced and lightly fried in coconut or grape seed oil. These are healthier oils with a high smoke points so they don’t burn at typical frying temperatures like olive oil. You’ve just increased the nutrient content of your crunchy snack and replaced bad fats with good ones.

Dried fruits

Weight loss means cutting sugars and carbs, and dried fruits are packed with sugar, and because the water has been removed, it is easy to over-consume. Although most of the people think this is a healthy choice, it is not, because you are missing out on the hydration, active enzymes and higher nutrient content found in fresh. Instead of dried, opt for fresh fruits that will give you healthy energy with all vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Energy Bars

Energy bars make big claims but aren’t really giving your body what it needs for physical fitness, fast weight loss or overall health…. And the energy part is questionable as well. Read the ingredients and see for yourself how many grams of sugar, sodium and salt they contain; you will be shocked. This means you are in for a spike and a crash, which means cravings. Most turn to these because they are easy, and you can carry them in a backpack, briefcase, gym bag pocket or purse, but another easy and portable food is, believe it or not, an avocado. Packed with healthy fats to keep you full and antioxidants that support healthy detox and weight loss, the avocado comes with its own bowl. Best if eaten while a little firm, avocados have a creamy texture that you may just find irresistible. Just slice it across the length around the seed and scoop out the nutrient rich goodness. 1 avocado may be small, but in terms of its punch, it’s a full meal and the perfect fuel for your day.

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Making better food choices doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes it’s the little things that can do so much to help you reach healthy weight loss goals. One of the reasons so many diets fail is because people are asked to totally give up the foods they love, but you have choices and each choice you make is getting you closer to that better you.

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