6 Ways To Detox For Healthy Living


Detoxify Your Body With These Teas, Drinks, And Other Practices 

Detoxification is crucial for our health; we consume food grown on contaminated soil, we drink polluted water, and we eat processed foods that our body has trouble digesting. Healthy living is about balance and nurture, and a body cleanse is a must if you want to be fit and healthy.


Smoothies are number one because they can be super-delicious and easy to prepare. They are an excellent way to start your day with vitamin and mineral bombs, and there are literally countless combinations you can try. Smoothies boost your metabolism and help you digest food better. But don’t be fooled by the smoothie giants. Many smoothie establishments load their drinks up with added sugar and preservatives that you don’t want. Make them at home so you know what is going in there. Buy organic whenever you can, and realize that smoothies are dense nutrients, so you don’t need a huge glass; 8 ounces will suffice. Look up easy recipes and implement this healthy habit into your life today.

Shredded Tea

Shredded Tea's detoxifying tea is a great antioxidant and metabolism booster. It can help your skin look healthier and better, you can feel more energy, and your digestion can improve. There are few infusions like Shredded Tea that provide you with healthy detoxification.  Enjoy at least 2 high-quality cups of Shredded Tea's detoxifying tea blends that will help detox for healthy weight loss. Make this your ritual to healthy detox and feel better in body, spirit and mind.


Squeeze those lemons and oranges for extra vitamin kick in the morning. Drinking freshly squeezed orange, lemon or grape juice will clean your intestines. Add some veggie juices like carrot, fennel or celery to get the most out of your drink. Add warm water to improve digestion even more. Vitamin C and acids from these fruits will contribute to weight loss since they will boost your metabolism instantly, but just like smoothies, don’t get carried away. It is typically high sugar and a little goes a long way.


Our body releases toxins through sweat. It doesn’t matter if you will hit the gym or the sauna, what is important is that you sweat a lot. This may not be as easy in winter and this is when our toxins are often at their highest and we often feel sluggish and even sad. Keep in mind you need to stay hydrated so drink a lot of water during the day to keep your body in balance. Working out is good for your mind and body; you will feel stronger, and your body will be stronger; working out helps us relax and resets our system. A healthy lifestyle worships a good sweat, so don’t make excuses anymore and start sweating.

Breathing exercise

Most people don’t breathe correctly. Do breathing exercise any time you can: breathe slowly through the nose, feeling the air filling your chest as your abdomen expands, pulling your diaphragm down, increasing lung capacity. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds and breathe out slowly through the mouth. Breathing correctly provides enough oxygen for your organs, and it will improve blood circulation and blood pressure, and it will help you relax, especially in stressful situations. This increased oxygen allows our body to function as it should for detoxification that leads to healthy weight loss and improved physical fitness.


The last but the most important – drink plenty of water. Water cleanses our body more than anything. It takes away all the toxins from our body, and it helps proper digestion. Drink at least 2 liters(Size of a 2 liter Coca-Cola) of water per day. Water supports healthy cells and flushes toxins out through your kidneys and bladder. There is no alternative to clean, fresh water, so don’t be fooled by vita-substitutes and get plenty of the real stuff to detox the right way.