7 Ways Not To Get Fat This Holiday Season

7 Tips To Resist The Cycle Of Holiday Eating

It's that time of year again when extra calories lurk around every corner. It's that time when many of us lament the diet decisions we made over the holiday as we realize our jeans are too tight! It is easy to get caught up in the festival spirit and over-indulge-- but come January, it does not seem as fun as you are faced with the need to lose all that weight.

Here are 7 practical tips to keep your weight down this holiday season without leaving out those foods you have been looking forward to all year.

1) Pump up the volume- Ensure you have your favorite songs loaded onto your music player or phone and get moving this holiday season! Whatever your present level of exercise, make an effort to increase that by at least 20 minutes or add in additional two days per week. That way you can cut yourself some slack when it comes to indulging.

2) Eat before you arrive-- Eat before arriving at a holiday party. By doing this, you will be less likely to fill up on the bad stuff. Therefore, before you leave the house, eat a healthy salad or fill up on a healthy snack; this will help resist the urge to overeat. A handful of sunflower seeds or a cup of fruit are great choices as pre-party foods.

3) Drink plenty of water— Drink 1-2 glasses of water before and during a meal. Water has both effects of hydrating your body and filling your stomach hence, less likely to overeat because you'll feel full faster.

4) Avoid Carbonated Sweetened Drinks— These are unhealthy calories to consume as your body finds them utterly alien, unlike healthy foods. Your body has trouble breaking them down and thus turns them into fat, therefore; you should stick to much healthier beverages like shakes with low-fat ice cream, freshly squeezed juices,yogurt, or one of our detox teas for healthy weight loss.

5) Pick protein- protein can help maintain a healthy weight because high-protein diets are associated with greater satiety (plus benefit: It's essential for healthy muscle growth). Ensure to serve up some roasted chicken, low-calorie fat turkey meat, or prepare animal-free alternatives like lentils, quinoa, or beans.

6) Do Not Skip Meals-Holding off for that big meal so you can indulge later in the day will most certainly cause you to overeat. Your body will respond to the calorie deficit by holding onto the calories you eat later. So, if you consume the majority of your calories right before you head home for bed, unused blood sugar is stored as fat. Hence, a better approach is to eat regular meals throughout the day and then watch your portions in the evening.

7) Consider natural weight loss tea- Our detox teas for weight loss assist your body in getting rid of harmful waste, helps to improve the digestive system; detoxify and cleansing the body, hence helping you reach your health/weight loss goals. Weight loss tea is a good alternative if you want to stay away from chemical-based, unsafe weight loss supplements that cause damage to heart valves. All natural weight loss teas are safer alternatives to losing weight. They are made from ingredients that combine to have a positive impact on problems that cause body fat build up. Additionally, they flush out harsh toxins, reduce bloating, detox your internal organs, suppress appetite and cravings and boost your metabolism.