Losing Weight With Probiotic Tea

Trying to lose weight is a difficult process that no one enjoys. When you see yourself getting slimmer in the mirror you feel elated that you are seeing results from intense dieting and exercise. If you plateau or you don’t see any results from cutting your diet in half and spending your mornings or evenings in the gym, then you feel disappointed. Shredded Tea specializes in probiotic green tea. Our teas are the best tea for digestion, and they have probiotics, which as you’ll read below, will help you lose weight and have a healthy gut. Recent research shows that probiotic tea might help with weight loss. Let’s look at some of the reasons why that might be.

Reason One: Your Gut

Healthy gut bacteria helps you lose weight. There are trillions of different bacteria in your gut, some of it’s good and others are bad. What you want in your body bacteria-wise is 85 percent good bacteria and 15 percent bad bacteria. You get good bacteria from eating a healthy diet and bad bacteria from eating a diet high in sugar and fat. Specific bacteria causes low-grade inflammation in your body, which is what leads to obesity and contributes to you stopping or plateauing while trying to lose weight.

Reason Two: Your Metabolism

Probiotic tea has been found to benefit your metabolism. Having a slow metabolism can account for weight gain, but there are ways to speed up your slow metabolism - for instance, if you eat smaller meals throughout the day or if you exercise regularly. Eating an unhealthy diet high in fats and sugars creates bad bacteria, which helps you keep on the weight. Probiotic tea is able to cleanse out the excess bad bacteria of your gut and get rid of the bacteria that leads to insulin resistance.

Reason Three: Cleansing

Probiotics assist in cleansing your body of all the bad toxins. Obese people have 20 percent more of a family of bacteria called firmicutes. Firmicutes contain extract calories from complex sugars and fat. When these microbes are in your body, you gain twice as much fat as a person who doesn’t have them. This is why when you are obese you seem to continue packing on the pounds instead of losing them. When you drink probiotic green tea, the good bacteria goes into your stomach and helps to combat the bacteria that is contributing to keeping on the weight. If you drink probiotic tea, then you are helping to cleanse your body, which allows you to get the body you want.

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