Making The Perfect Detox Tea

Commitment to quality

Where other brands choose to cut corners, we invest. We source the highest quality teas in season from around the world. From our sourcing to manufacturing we craft in small batches so every bag that leaves our store is quality checked, our teas are thoughtfully blended and meticulously taste tested. The result: detox tea that is as functional as it is delicious.


World-class partners

We care deeply about how where our tea comes from. That’s why we partner with world-renowned suppliers and highly skilled tea farmers to carefully harvest our tea. Only the highest ethical and quality standards are accepted. Our goal every day is to make a detox tea that we can proudly stand by.


A better experience

The only thing we’re more passionate about than our detox tea is the customers who enjoy it. Whether you have a question, comment, or just want to tell us about your detox journey, our team is always here for you! After all, enjoying tea should be fun, not stressful.


Our (growing) team

Team Shredded Tea is bigger than co-founders, or manufacturing partners. When we think about Shredded Tea, we think about all of the people who dedicate their lives to making each of the ingredients that go into our products. We think about the local communities in which those teas are grown. And of course, we think about you — our amazing customers! We are honored to have the opportunity to make products we love and to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone. From all of us — thank you!