The Shredded Tea Experience

How Can Shredded Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

It all comes down to detoxing the body! Let's break it down. Detoxing is the metabolic process where toxins that are stored and trapped in your body are broken down into smaller substances and then excreted. When your body becomes flooded with toxins, your liver simply can't keep up with getting rid of these and begins storing all of these toxins in your body, specifically in fat stores. This eventually leads to excess fat accumulation, and even the inability to lose weight. When there is an excess amount of toxins built up in your body you may begin to feel bloated, fatigued, may begin to have headaches, joint and muscle pains and excess weight gain occurs.

The Simple 2 Step Tea System

Our Shredded Tea kits contain great tasting all natural ingredients and potent herbs specifically selected to help boost metabolism, improve energy levels and support a healthier sleep cycle ultimately helping to optimize your bodies entire detoxification process to naturally help burn more fat. Simply start your day with our morning energy blend, then end your day with our evening relaxation blend. By the end of your first tea supply you should feel leaner, more fit and healthier!