14 Day Detox Tea With Probiotics
14 Day Detox Tea With Probiotics

14 Day Detox Tea With Probiotics

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Start your detox journey with this unique energy detox tea with probiotic powers that is blended to be as functional as it is great tasting. Whether you're heading out to work for the day or taking that next 5k head on, improve your internal health so you feel great in whatever you do!


  • HEALTHY, NATURAL DETOX – Helps cleanse toxins and waste throughout your body for a more renewed healthier you.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS – Perfect for supporting both traditional diets and exercise helping increase the metabolism through thermogenesis.
  • REDUCE BLOATING – Probiotics surviving 10X more effectively than probiotics in yogurt, supporting immune & digestive health.
  • IMPROVE MENTAL FOCUS – By ridding and cleansing your body of these toxins you’ll find that you could maintain a clearer focus, awareness and mental clarity, not to mention a more positive well-being.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Our sourcing team is closely connected to the growing regions of our teas to better craft this unique blend of all natural ingredients.     



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