14 Day Detox Tea With Probiotics
14 Day Detox Tea With Probiotics

14 Day Detox Tea With Probiotics

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Experience a detox tea that is as functional as it is great tasting. Superfood ingredients that naturally help energize, cleanse, & restore your body.

Whether you're heading out to work for the day or taking that next 5k head-on, improve your internal health every day so you feel great in whatever you do.

Detox Tea With Probiotics Can Help With The Following:


  • HEALTHY, NATURAL DETOX – Helps cleanse toxins and waste throughout your body for a more renewed healthier you.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS – Perfect for supporting both traditional diets and exercise helping increase the metabolism through thermogenesis.
  • REDUCE BLOATING – Probiotics surviving 10X more effectively than probiotics in yogurt, supporting immune & digestive health.
  • IMPROVE MENTAL FOCUS – By ridding and cleansing your body of these toxins you’ll find that you could maintain a clearer focus, awareness and mental clarity, not to mention a more positive well-being.



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